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Secret Skill Books

Verfasst: 07.01.2020 14:13
von qwerty321
In Enderal there are skill books, for example the ones you use to increase the skill or other ones to learn spells from. There are however secret hidden skill books that use a memory point to learn and give special abilities. The most known one is probably the book form Gaboff Premium shop; Loram waterblade... (?) . I just recently found a book in glowstone grotto at farmers coast. Psionic Shard lvl 2 (or smth). I would like to know if there are any others book(s) especially for the green playstyle (rouge). Iam currently at my second playthrough and only found one. Because of this level of rarity (probably) there is also no Wiki page for this (at least no to my knowledge).

Thanks fellow enderalplayers

Re: Secret Skill Books

Verfasst: 07.01.2020 16:22
von Kermit 61
Welcome to the forum :)

There are two threads on this topic in the German forum (you have to translate for example with google translator).

I hope that will help you :)

Re: Secret Skill Books

Verfasst: 07.01.2020 17:33
von urst
over there on reddit is a full list (beware of spoilers!) :)
(most are listed in the main post, at least two are listed in the comments)

Re: Secret Skill Books

Verfasst: 07.01.2020 22:15
von qwerty321
Very thank you guys.
That was exactly what i was looking for. Iam somehow embarassed not finding more books...

PS: Looking forward on adding this to the wiki EN

PPS: Great Game, really.