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How to kill the Petrifieds

Verfasst: 20.02.2019 07:04
von badgesareus
How do I kill the Petrifieds in the Theater? I've taken them down 3 or 4 times but they keep regenerating or something.

Re: How to kill the Petrifieds

Verfasst: 20.02.2019 09:34
von urst
[+] spoiler
I think you need to get them both down at the same time :)

Re: How to kill the Petrifieds

Verfasst: 08.03.2019 18:50
von Rubie87
Is that right?
I can't count how often I've killed them now. I killed them at the same time, in rotation and at intervals. They get the shield, I get the notification that the shield has absorbed my attack (just before they should die) and then they get up full of life.
Is it because I kill them with a bow? Should I use magic? My summoned Elemental Wolf is no help at all. Mendelus stands at the ladder and just observes the "battle". On my navigation he is marked as an enemy (red dot), but I can't hit him (neither can my wolf).

Please help :)

Re: How to kill the Petrifieds

Verfasst: 08.03.2019 19:08
von badgesareus
I found this battle to be the most difficult in Enderal, even worse than the Skaraggs in Thalgard. I can't count how many times I tried it. I finally turned down the difficulty to "novice" and eventually concluded it. After killing the 2 petrifieds several times each, I finally got to fight Mendelus, and even then one of the petrifieds reanimated a few times; maybe it was some revive spell or something, I don't know. On a difficulty scale of 1-4 stars, this was 5 stars for me. In my opinion, this needs some balancing work.

Re: How to kill the Petrifieds

Verfasst: 09.03.2019 21:31
von Sekrin
I also had problems with this fight, but managed to beat it using my bow on the default Adept difficulty.
[+] My tactics
  1. Get one of them down to very low health (I'll call this one "A")
  2. "Kill" the other one (I'll call this one "B"), so the shield appears.
  3. "Kill" A.
  4. Shoot B. If you do this quickly enough, you should get a message along the lines of "B's shield is at xxx%" (can't remember the exact wording, but it will show that their shield level is decreasing). You have to do this whilst both Petrified are down and I think you can only damage the one you "killed" first (not 100% sure on that last part but that's how it seemed to me).
  5. The shields will collapse, so repeat from step 1 until one of them dies for good.
  6. It was at this point that Mendelus joined the battle for me - kill him and the remaining Petrified.
[+] Super Spoiler
If you go and climb up to the walkway at the top of the room, the melee Petrified won't be able to reach you and you can get out of sight of the mage until you're ready to fill him full of arrows. If they try hiding behind the props and scenery, walk back to the platform on the rear wall, that will draw them out again.

Re: How to kill the Petrifieds

Verfasst: 10.03.2019 09:49
von Rubie87
Thanks for the answers. I tried it several times on the difficulty level "Novice" for half an hour until my arrows were empty. I actually got a message from both of them that the shield had dropped to 78%, but not any further. I tried every kill order (kill both, minimize one's life, etc.). I don't have a clue anymore. Can anyone help me skip the fight or something like that, please?

Re: How to kill the Petrifieds

Verfasst: 13.08.2019 13:57
von medusasfolly
I've just updated the wiki with a fight mechanics note on this. You need to alternate between the two. I've done both melee and ranged and found melee to be the easier probably due to my high skill level in heavy armor. If you have shock resistance items, gear up. And I'm usually about 50lbs heavier after the fight for all the poultry I've eaten.

If you are doing melee, try to round both characters up so that you only have to pivot to fight the next opponent. If you are ranged, utilize the ledge with the barrels in the back of the room - Alyx doesn't appear to climb ladders like Devra does and the barrels will provide cover from the shock.

The fight is hardest at the beginning. After awhile, it only takes about 3 hits before they go to knee. Fight should start wrapping up around 20 knee bends each. A notice should appear in the top left corner indicating their shield levels. I've only noticed it at 25, 50 & 75%. But then again, the battle gets heated and I may have missed other percentages. Once you get down the pattern, fight shouldn't take that long, <10 minutes melee, a bit more for ranged.

Mendelus should become active only after one of the opponents goes down.

I've noticed that Devra will sheath her battleaxe on several instances and approaches you in battle stance sans weapon. Sometimes she will re-equip, sometimes not. This tends to happen when I melee more than when I range.

Hope this helps someone.