cant beat final quest. very unclear what to do. extermely frustrating.

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I am in the final quest. I have spent an hour or more fighting off about 50 waves of arps. My potions are just about drained. I have no more soul gems for my weapons. There seems to be no end. there are no quest markers. its just the same crap happening in seemingly endless circles. I must express how frustrating the lack of clarity as to what to do is. Quest markers would be nice too.

I must express that this is BY FAR the must tedious most un-fun final quest that I have ever endured in an RPG game. I mean, seriously, this is complete bullshit. Is this supposed to be fun or just simply long and tedious?

The walk-through is similarly unclear. It says that I should be able to "kill" (without telling me how) the generators after four waves of arps. but I am on maybe my 50th wave with no end in sight. It just seems to be a circular process that keeps going until I run out of potions.

Also, why are there no quest markers on the generates. I'm still not sure it I'm hitting the right thing, if hitting it is what I am supposed to it and how many times this process is supposed to repeat itself.

This is extremely frustrating and I just want to finish this stupid quest.

Also, the long ass talk prior to the quest should not have been a F'ing HALF HOUR!! I totally stopped paying attention to the dialogue after a certain point and actually started doing minor tasks in the room to kill time.
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hi :)
14.02.2020 08:43dlroworld hat geschrieben:
I am in the final quest. I have spent an hour or more fighting off about 50 waves of arps. [...]
(moved to questsupport, just quoting to make sure you're getting notified)

your companion should actually tell you what to do, and when - hit the glowing generators.
(or hit them at times when they don't glow)
(maybe turn on the subtitles?)
if they don't, there's a diffenerent issue.

it shouldn't matter if you hit them with magic or weapons,
but you should get a percentage shown on how much damage you did.

do you have any mods installed that might in any way influence that?
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