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Cooldown Bug with Talent: Starling Spider

Verfasst: 03.10.2022 17:25
von jonwoodland
There seems to be a bug with the talent: starling spider from the vagrant skill tree. There is no cooldown if you simply let the spider die on its own instead of manually exploding it.

I've additionally done a bit of research on the enderal subreddit, and the SureAi discord. It seems this has been a bug for a quite a while now, only mentioned by a few users over the years.

2121212114.PNG (16.99 KiB) 302 mal betrachtet
121113112.PNG (23.6 KiB) 302 mal betrachtet
2121321123.PNG (47.84 KiB) 298 mal betrachtet

I know this is a minor bug and I am hoping there is a quick fix for it. I really enjoyed playing as a vagrant and really loved the ambushes you could set up with the starling dummy. But when i realized there was a cooldown bug, it really put me off from playing with this perk, because it became so easy to cheese/abuse with a talent that had no cooldown.

Re: Cooldown Bug with Talent: Starling Spider  [solved]

Verfasst: 04.10.2022 15:20
von Kermit 61
Hello jonwoodland and welcome to the forum :-)

Thank you for your hint :)

Which version of Enderal does this concern? Enderal Forgotten Storys classic from 2019 or the Enderal Special Edition from 2021?

Enderal classic does not receive any more fixes.

Enderal Special Edition is a community project of the developer Eddoursul. SureAI only takes over the Steam support.
If it concerns the Enderal SE, better use the Discord server of Eddoursul.

Re: Cooldown Bug with Talent: Starling Spider

Verfasst: 04.10.2022 19:47
von jonwoodland
thanks for the reply! this is on enderal SE, so I'll check out there discord and see if theres a fix.