My Game crashes at a certain point 100% of the time

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I will try my very best to not spoil where it happens in the story. Once you are told to follow the Grandmaster of the order in order to fix something thats broken in the gatehouse, my game crashes everytime I enter the gatehouse. I have tried to enter before and after him. I tried changing my graphic settings to everything except the ones I used already. I also tried to reload a save from about 1 houre before I progressed in the story to the gatehouse. Someone suggested me to load a save and sleep in a bed for at least 4 houres which I also tried. All of the above failed sadly -.-

If anyone has an idea of how I can get past this issue I would be realy damn gratefull.

I was realy close to qutiing the game and just reading up on the story.... but I am enjoing the game far to much for that....
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Hello Ramses101
Can you send us a current save and a 2nd one before accepting the current quest?
Savegames can be found here: C:\Users\......\Documents\my games\Enderal Special Edition\Saves or here: C:\Users\...\Documents\my games\Enderal\Saves
(depending on your Enderal-version).
We need the -.ess and the -.skse file of the same name, put both in a zip or rar archive (the forum does not accept *.skse otherwise).
If possible please no autosaves or quicksaves, but a manually saved game.

But maybe also already a repair with Steam or loading a earlier savegame will do. (I hope you have lots of savegames).
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