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I also have a grey face bug problem where no matter what I do that includes disabling all mods and downloading some the textures are always wrong for both male and female characters regardless of race. The only one who is not affected by this bug is my character.

I do not have this issue when I begin Enderal without mod organizer 2 also this began to occur recently. I would like a resolution to both because it is driving me crazy, please and thanks.
Error Message Part 2.png
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Hello KippertheGod

Which Enderal version are you using? Enderal_ForgottenStories (32bit) or Enderal_FS-SE (64bit)?
Which mods did you use? (please write us a complete list)
Do the mods match your installed Enderal version or are they for a different version?
Did you disable only the mods or did you uninstall all of them?
(Texture mods are often active even without activation, just like other mod files).

The error message with the broken -.ini files only occurs with ModManager2?
Then this indicates write protection / rights problems.
Start all needed exe files permanently "always start as administrator" (under file properties):
(...\SteamApps\common\Enderal\Enderal Launcher.exe;
and the ...\Mod Organizer 2\ModOrganizer.exe).
Delete possible write-protect settings from the folders (under folder properties):
- C:\User\kippe\Documents\My Games\Enderal
- C:\User\kippe\AppData\Local\Enderal
- C:\User\kippe\ApplicationData\Local\ModOrganizer.
Make sure that your antivirus program does not block anything in these locations.

Repairing Enderal is unnecessary if the error occurs only with MO2.
(unfortunately we can give only support for Enderal, but not modmanager or installed mods)

good luck :thumbsup:
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