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Main Quest bug - Jespar despawned

Verfasst: 07.05.2021 09:36
von omverse
Special Edition version - Quest THE VOID - stage: Accompany Jespar to Ark (5 out of 6 shown stages complete) ----- Entered Ark for the first time, Jespar began a bit of dialogue once the city loaded - but Jespar turned around and opened the door to leave Ark during the dialogue. No where to be found now - not inside or outside the gates, not in or out of the Dancing Nomad - even using console command to force Jespar to the players location does nothing. The Quest Marker for this is set on the ground at the entrance I first walked in from.

when i click bugtacker link it just redirects me to homepage so idk what all that is, sorry if this is not the right place.

Re: Main Quest bug - Jespar despawned

Verfasst: 07.05.2021 10:29
von Stefanie
Hello omverse

The console can cause errors that can't be repaired afterwards. Therefore, fingers away from it.

Can you send us a save before you made any attempts with the console?
(preferably also a 2nd save before entering Ark)

saved games can be found here:
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...\Documents\my games\Enderal Special Edition\Saves
We need the -.ess and the -.skse file of the same name, put both in a zip or rar archive (the forum does not accept *.skse otherwise).
If possible no autosaves or quicksaves, but a manually saved game.

The old bugtracker is closed, because there will be no more patches for the 32bit version.

Tip: save a lot, not only with quick- or autosave, but with many fixed savegames.

Re: Main Quest bug - Jespar despawned

Verfasst: 07.05.2021 10:44
von omverse
Thank you for the quick response, Stephanie -
I will send those files, but the save will be - uhm - before leaving the Abandoned Temple - is that alright?

it will be the only one before using any console commands, ive since deleted all the others.
otherwise, i dont mind making my way back - and if it repeats, send the files before and after, etc

also - simple question but where will I send the files? -- to ?

Re: Main Quest bug - Jespar despawned

Verfasst: 07.05.2021 12:05
von urst
if you write a post here in the forum there's a tab "attachements", you can use that :)

Re: Main Quest bug - Jespar despawned

Verfasst: 08.05.2021 01:36
von omverse
Couldn't get it to repeat this time --

Most I could say about it is that I did a bit of exploring before walking with Jespar to Ark

completed A Nice Day in Summer, A New Life, It Starts with Dreams, A New Beginning, Feud Between Brothers, Bad Vibrations, Secrets from the Can
-- all before walking to Ark with Jespar

and explored areas from Three River Cabin, to Ore Terminal, to ClearWater Cave

Ill see if I can get it to happen again, but otherwise, I have a file without the bug so thank you!