Problems at game start

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my game goes to the vanilia skyrim screen and wont load when i hit new game how to i fix this?.
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I transferred your post once because I assume you mean Enderal and not Nehrim?
(Enderal is based on Skyrim and Nehrim on Oblivion)

If you get a Skyrim screen on startup, it is probably an error in the settings.
Delete the enderal.ini and enderalprefs.ini under C:\Users\...\Documents\My Games\Enderal, they will be cleanly recreated the next time you start the launcher.

However, it is also possible that access has been restricted e.g. by Windows-rights or third-party software such as Antivirus.
In this case, make sure that there is no write protection on the above mentioned folders or try to launch the 3 -.exe files as administrator. (Enderal Launcher.exe; skse_loader.exe; TESV.exe)
If the antivirus software blocks this, please add Enderal to the whitelist.
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