Apparition won't equip weapon

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The game has been great so far and surprisingly bug free 20 hours in. I just ran into an issue, though, that I hope to find an answer to. I'm trying out the Phasmalist tree by creating and equipping a talisman. But when I try to spectralize a weapon for my apparition, it won't equip. Armor and shields work, but weapons always stay as default (in this case an iron dagger). Any help would be appreciated.
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hi, welcome to the forum :)

the apparition should always use the strongest weapon/armour. (sadly that doesn't always work :/ )
if I remember correctly existing enchantments don't count to that value.

try to take away the dagger, if that doesn't work upload a savegame please.
they're found in (...\Documents\My Games\Enderal)
we'll need the *.ess and the *.skse file;
pack both to a zip/rar/whatever archive, (the forum doesn't accept *.skse)
thank you :)
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