Path to Silvergrove

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Вы там просили сообщить как я туда попал :lol:
От башни мирада Добростраж на осле поднялся в гору и по хребту прошёл и спустился к старой серебряной шахте
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hi, welcome to the forum :)

(please keep to english (or german) in the forum)

google translator says
You asked me to tell you how I got there :lol:
From the tower of mirada Dobrostrazh* on a donkey climbed a mountain and walked along the ridge and went down to the old silver mine
* absolutely no idea where that is, but I admire your dedication :dumb:
could you give us the english name?

(also, even though it's probably clear enough from the message,
please load an earlier save and don't enter the town before the mainquests suggests it :) )

thank you for the report!
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