Meditation Breaks A Drop in the Ocean

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So I was the dream place with Yuslan and he ran off to go meet someone. I accidentally meditated and it made the screen go black. I can only see health GUI and compass GUI. Everything else is black, even after hitting meditate again to return. The audio still works and the controls still work, I just can't see anything. The previous save is a quicksave many quests ago. HELP!
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hi, welcome to the forum :)

there are no autosaves? did you intentionally disable them, or do they just not work?
do you have any mods installed? deactivate/uninstall them and try to meditate again,
possibly via menu, not y, might even make a difference?

could you please attach a savegame?
they're found in (...\Documents\My Games\Enderal)
we'll need the *.ess and the *.skse file;
pack both to a zip/rar/whatever archive, the forum doesn't accept *.skse.

thank you :)
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