Game wont load after "Continue"

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Even though i have a loading screen I have no image whatsoever on the screen after it. I can hear music on the background but nothing.
I even have to restart my PC to continue.
I seem to be able to play on windowed and borderless, but it looks like shit.
Anyone else with the same problem?
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hi, welcome to the forum :)

on what resolution / general graphic settings do you play?
try to disable or enable the options under "optimizations" (ENBoost/OSAllocator/OneTweak)

you can also try to delete the two *.ini from (...\Documents\My Games\Enderal);
the game will create new ones on launch.

if that doesn't help please let Steam verify your game files

if that doesn't work either we'll need some more info
-how do you start the game? via steam->launcher would be best.
- where do you have the game installed?

hope, something of this works for you :)
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i play with a 2560x1600 resolution, i have a big monitor. The graphic option are not maxed out, i could show you but i dont know how to attach pictures here. I did try disablin ENBoost and OneTweak but the problem persists.
Which .ini should i delete i have four
I use the steam launcher and its installed on Program FIles 86, Steam, SteamApps, Common, Enderal.

By the way love your game, you guys did and amazing job!
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a -.ini.Backed or -.ini.Base version are unknown to me
These could be backups of any additional programs. (any Modmanager or ...?) We cannot support such programs.
decisive for us are the Enderal.ini and the EnderalPrefs.ini under: ... \Documents\My Games\Enderal)

Do you have any mods installed, if so, which ones?
Deactivate or better uninstall them, we can't support mods, only the creator can do that.

Try it with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (FullHD /16:9) to see if these problems also occur.
Setting in the EnderalLauncher \ base-setting : frameless window mode or full screen mode with the option OneTweak "off".

maybe you also have some problems with WideScreen
The solution should then be here:
Code: Alles auswählen
you are probably using a different screen resolution than 16:9 / 16:10
you should either adjust your resolution in the EnderalPrefs.ini "... \Documents\My Games\Enderal" or via launcher to max 2560x1440,
or use:]FlawlessWidescreen
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