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Enderal Not Saving

Verfasst: 01.08.2019 10:09
von corpsmanhog
So I spent several hours last night playing Enderal Forgotten Stories through steam and suddenly the game isn't saving my progress. If I enter the game and save on a new slot or old slot nothing happens. I have checked the pathing for the save (..\enderal\saves) and nothing seems to be out of order. I have also reinstalled the game and verified its contents multiple times. Not sure what else to do besides not play it. I have a handful of older saves when it was working but now it just wont. Not sure what to do. I have also white listed it from Windows Defender with no effect. I'm stuck.

Re: Enderal Not Saving

Verfasst: 01.08.2019 10:52
von Kermit 61
Welcome to your first post in the forum :)

Maybe this thread helps you to solve your problem.