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Crash at Frostcliff Tavern

Verfasst: 14.07.2019 00:30
von Hyjynx
Recently (within the last several months) started experiencing a crash whenever I would get in the vicinity of Frostcliff Tavern. Started troubleshooting today by deactivating all mods and trying to approach the area but still crashed when the tavern can in to my field of view. Verified game files in Steam but still getting the same result.

Any suggestions you could offer would be helpful. The list of Mods I was running is as follows:

Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul
Enderal Tools
Better ArkMarket
Enderal Fast Travel EV
Realistic Treasure
amm_RingOfNightEye (loaded today)
Pre-Patch Enchanting (loaded today)

All mods were originally loaded through Steam.

If you need any additional information about my setup or quest progress, please let me know.


Re: Crash at Frostcliff Tavern

Verfasst: 14.07.2019 07:32
von urst
hi, welcome to the forum :)

as far as I know the Akropolis mod is dangerously outdated, it destroys a lot of fixed code,
even if it was updated in the meantime :/
it would probably need to be rebuild from scratch.

please unsubsribe from that (after getting you stored gear?), verify your game files and try again.

if that doesn't work attach a savegame (no auto- or quicksave) please.
they're found in (...\Documents\My Games\Enderal), we'll need the *.ess and the *.skse file.
pack both to a zip/rar/whatever archive (the forum doesn't accept *.skse)
thank you :)

Re: Crash at Frostcliff Tavern

Verfasst: 18.07.2019 23:51
von Hyjynx
Hi Urst!

Thanks for the support. I really appreciate the work your team has put in to this amazing game.

I unsubscribed from the mod you mentioned but the game still crashes at Frostcliff Tavern. I've attached the save game files you requested.

Thanks again for the assistance.

Re: Crash at Frostcliff Tavern

Verfasst: 19.07.2019 01:03
von Stefanie
Hello Hyiynx
The savegame can be loaded by me without problems, also no crashes when entering the tavern. The conversation with Esme was successful.
We always test on a clean installation without mods, so I assume that your bug is there.
Mods are not supported by us, please contact the respective creator.
Deactivate or better uninstall these mods, then please let Steam verify your game files.
Try again afterwards. Good luck.

various cheats can also cause problems, e.g. a too high payload, because the game could become unstable or similar errors.
In addition, an impairment of the savegame by mods is not excluded. Some things are usually left behind in the save.
Disabling mods can also lead to lost items or similar items stored in containers and changes to NPC´s and similar are also possible.
You can then install your mods individually at your own risk and check again which one caused the error.