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Enderal Team
Enderal Team
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Contents Introduction

Enderal is now available on Steam! It allows for the following features:
  • Simple and quick download, installation, and update procedure directly via Steam.
    Skyrim Classic or Skyrim Legendary Edition (32 bit) needs to be owned via Steam.
  • Enderal now has its own game and savegame directories, meaning you can install and play Skyrim and Enderal simultaneously.
  • Steam Cloud for saves optionally available (depends on your Steam settings).
  • Steam Achievements
  • Pre-installed stability fixes, e.g. ENBoost (see below).
  • Improved launcher with more options and features.
  • Steam Workshop for Enderal. No support when using additional mods. Further information can be found here.

  • Skyrim Classic or Skyrim Legendary Edition (32 bit) needs to be owned via Steam. It is not needed to have Skyrim installed.
  • Minimal requirements must be met – take a look at Enderal’s Steam Store page.
  • The download is about 13 GB in size, the full game however requires 15 GB of free space on your hard drive.
  • Please install Enderal into a new, empty directory, not onto an already existing Skyrim or Enderal installation. The default installation path will be C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\enderal\.
  • As soon as the download is finished, Enderal can be started.
  • The “Enderal - Forgotten Stories.esm” is now activated by the Enderal Launcher which can’t be changed. Please ensure that it stays activated if you decide to use other mod managers.
  • Upon launching Enderal, first white and then red text lines will appear in the left upper corner of the screen. You can safely ignore these notifications, they are not an error message. Further information in the “ENBoost” section.

Updates will be published as often as possible and can be downloaded directly via Steam. The size of individual updates will vary but will be small compared to the initial download on Steam. The patch notes will be posted here on Steam, in our wiki, and in our forums and will be shared on our social media accounts.

Are existing saves from previous installations compatible with the Steam installation?

Old saves from previous versions of Enderal are no longer compatible with the Steam installation of Enderal. This incompatibility shows itself in different ways: already fixed bugs will reappear, quests and skills won’t function properly, CTDs will occur frequently, etc. Should you disregard this warning and use your old saves, we will provide no support or help of any sort.
Saves from Skyrim are not compatible in any way.


ENBoost is an external program which comes pre-installed with Enderal: Forgotten Stories
and helps to improve its stability and performance. An “all-round build” that needs no further configuration is set up and will be launched alongside Enderal.
Upon launch, first white and then red text lines will appear in the left upper corner of the screen. You can safely ignore these notifications, they are not an error message.
ENBoost is not an ENB, please do not confuse the two.
ENBs are inherently not compatible with Enderal, unless they have been individually adjusted. We discourage the use of any ENBs due to technical differences between Enderal and Skyrim.We will provide no support for either individual edits to ENBoost or the installation of ENBs. ENBoost is used with the kind permission of Boris Vorontsow .


We are grateful for all your feedback! However, many players means many support requests. As you may know, we are working on this project completely in our free time in addition to our daily work schedules. Due to our limited time and the relatively small size of the core team, we have only limited possibilities to provide support and to solve problems. Not every issue can be addressed and fixed right away. If you know the cause or solution to a problem, please let us and the community know!
Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Lots of problems that came with the initial release version in 2016 have been found and fixed. With the newly added content, new bugs and issues may arise. Those need to be and will be addressed.
Please save often manually and don’t only rely on the Auto- and Quicksave function. Furthermore, don’t try to solve problems with console commands.

Where to report bugs?

For best support, please go to this support forum, where you can upload files directly. This will allow us to quickly access your saves / logs to find the problem. If you decide to report your issue on Steam, please use the support subforum. Be aware that Steam offers fewer support options.

No matter which option you finally choose, please use the search function before reporting to see if the same problem has already been reported. Please do not spam the same request more than once and don’t push your thread up further, this will not speed up the processing of your support request. Legends say that insults don’t help either.

We won’t fix or provide support for bugs caused by additional mods. Please contact the mod author in question.

What information is essential when creating support requests?

Please read and pay attention to the following before you create a support request:
  • Does the issue persist if you verify the integrity of Enderal’s game cache? How to verify the game cache.
  • Does the issue still occur if you reload an earlier save?
  • Is it a bug or a feature? If you are unsure about that, simply ask in the general discussion forums.
  • Is the issue caused by additional mods? Skyrim mods are not compatible by default and even Enderal mods can cause problems from time to time. Please disable them to check if they are the source of the problem. We won’t fix issues caused by mods.
  • Does an existing ticket already cover the issue you were going to report? Please use the search function to search for certain keywords like quest name, NPC name, location name, spell name, etc - be careful, there will be spoilers.
The more information you provide, the better we will be able to help. For example:
  • Are you able to reproduce the bug (does the bug appear again and again)? If yes, how? Detailed descriptions are welcome and very helpful.
  • Please upload/attach your saves to your post - best are saves made shortly before the bug appears. Saves are located here: C:\*Username*\Documents\my games\enderal\saves\. They consist of .ess and .skse, we will need both.
  • If you encounter issues with the Enderal Launcher or the installation process, please provide detailed descriptions of the issue and the Launcher.log (located here: C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Enderal\EnderalLauncher\system\log\.
  • If you encounter problems with the world map, some setting or a CTD on start with the error: “Skyrim has crashed because an object reference with form ID: …”, do the following: Close the game and launcher. Remove Enderal.ini and EnderalPrefs.ini from C:\*Username*\Documents\my games\Enderal\. Restart the launcher and game.
  • If an object is not properly placed in the world, simply provide its ID by opening the console (~ key) and clicking on it. The ID is displayed on the left side, no further information needed.
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