Handicraft-enahncing items are still bugged

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I've just noticed this, and it means that all my crafted armour and weapons have far lower stats than they should. As soon as I put on the Srkaag gauntlets and boots, or the Starling Helmet, all of my items stats go down.

When I take them off, my item stats are permanently lower. I've been crafting things this way for ages, probably half the game, and so I'm pretty bummed about this.

It's all three items that have this bug, not just the helmet, as far as I can tell.

I guess the bug never got resolved?
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You seem to have had some problems so far, which are at least rare.
Therefore we need at least one current saved game (and one before the problem) to check it more closely.
Savegames are located in: C:\Users\...\Documents\my games\Enderal\Saves , we need always the -.skse- and the -.ess file.
Because -.skse cannot be uploaded directly, it is best to put both files in an archive ( e.g. zip/raw/7z ) and then attach them here below,
as a file-attachment. (please do not choose Auto- or Quicksave, but a manually saved)

Did you use any cheats? If so, which and when.
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