[Possible Spoilers?] Concerning Calia's Nature

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I'm not sure if anyone has asked this before on other parts of this forum or on Reddit, so if it has been considered, please tell me. That being said, here goes nothing:
Calia Sakaresh is a pretty interesting character. She has a mysterious origin story, telling you that she can remember nothing of her life before the age of 6. In the quest "Angel," you learn that she is the eponymous creation of Samael Dal'Galar, having formerly been known as Maya Dal'Galar. The reason why Calia is still alive is because she was revived by her father using the Black Stone on his then-deceased daughter, about whose fate he liked to his wife to the very end. Which leads me to my question:
Should we consider Calia (a very advanced form of) undead? (Or is her revival more like Jespar's at the hands of the Veiled Woman, if that makes any sense?)
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