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I'd like to first thank SureAI for the absolutely wonderful TC. The story was brilliant, though very European compared to Skyrim's far more Hollywood one, but, hey, that's cool. Enderal had a whole bunch of characters who were far more memorable than anything Skyrim offered. There were also some truly haunting, impossible to forget locations in the world. My personal favourite is the nuclear town of Thalgard. All in all an astounding work of art for being a free mod.

To get to the point, there were two funny canon breaking instances for me in the game:
1) Jespar's death in Adila's hands.
I have seen some other people talk about how this scene made them want to save Jespar. I was also one of them. It didn't seem to make sense to me to allow him to die when it looked like I could prevent it. So, I played the scene a few times, trying different things. Usually everything failed because Adila was incorporeal before she had used the fire spell. Thus it was impossible to kill her. However, I did come up with the second best option: I went to stand in front of Jespar. I quaffed a fortify health potion, maybe some other potions as well, and then used the magic shield spell (of a considerable level). What happened? Adila attacked as her script commanded, but her attacked never penetrated me and thus Jespar was left alive. I lopped off Adila's head beautifully and thought that's it! I had solved the mystery.

However, Jespar was totally unresponsive. He just stood there like a zombie, and it wasn't due to the shock of seeing his dear sister beheaded in front of his eye. I was left baffled, but eventually I encountered the Veiled woman. She supposedly paid me back something by "resurrecting" the still living Jespar. What a deal.

2) Kurmai activating Star City defenses
It was an extremely important mission, more important than a single man's life. When I noticed Kurmai was behaving irrationally up there, I immediately took my bow and started to put some arrows into the man. He died, but, alas, the defenses were alredy activated. Still, it was my kill, not the robot dragon's! I don't like traitors.

Maybe there would have been more events where the canon was possible to be broken, but I noticed these two.
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I guess in a game where the story is more important than the freedom of the player, there are going to be instances like this. Especially when the game is built in skyrims engine. I'm sure if SureAI had the resources, they would have used a different engine which allowed them to prevent these events more naturally.
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