[Spoilers] Question about the main character

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Did the fleshless one murder his family?

In the 1st sequence I found some crosses with burnt corpses on them indicating you didn't.

But it never tells you one way or the other, from what I could gather.

Stumped :dumb:
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It is implied that the main character has something to do with their death.Some players have hypothesized that his/her family was doing something sinful and the player reported them to the Temple.Then men from the Temple came and killed the family.And now the Prophet feels terrible guilt over it suffering nightmares.
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I mean, the game did a really good job of leaving room for interpretation, so the answer can kind of be whatever you want. That being said, my understanding has always been that the implications that the main character was somehow responsible have more to do with survivor’s guilt and the psychological responses to abuse than they do with any direct involvement in the deaths. ie. the prophet/ess feels responsible, not because they did anything, but because they survived and because they have quite possibly been conditioned to feel responsible for the bad stuff that happens to them since that is pretty textbook in abuse dynamics.

I also get the impression that the Creator cult really didn’t need an excuse to hurt people. And killing arbitrarily keeps people from feeling secure, if it can happen for no reason, then it can happen to anyone. It might have been nothing more than a show of power to keep people afraid.
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