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Looking for a map ? Click the spoilers in WeathermanSweden's second post (15.08.2016) Map Version 2.0
Update : The map is now the basis for J'Sylvan`s Enderal Interactive Map Project


This is a simple spoiler-free list of all known side-quests

(German version)
( discover the world, talk with NPCs, read books/notes and public notifications )

A Touching Effigy
An Extraordinary Adventure
Apotheosis, part I
Apotheosis, part II
Bad Vibes
Divide and Conquer
Feud Between Brothers
Find Max Niceblood!
Gnarldalf has to die!
Hidden in the Puzzle
Home, Sweet Home
Like newly born
Lost Hearts ( four wishing wells ) *)
Myths and Legends
Find and defeat all mythical creatures in Enderal (5/5)
* Find and defeat "Arvheldhiin the Wanderer"
* Find and defeat the "Ashwidow"
* Find and defeat the "Blind Miner"
* Find and defeat the "Steel Guardian"
* Find and defeat the "Trizeratops"
Old Yogosh
Put Off The Evil Hour
Revenge Is Sour
Secrets from the Can
Strange Horizons
The Art of Combat
If I want to survive in Enderal's wilderness I need to become more skillful - perhaps I can get helpful hints in libraries, ruines or through conversations
* A merchant told me about a mage, who used Entropy and Elementarism together
* A merchant told me about an assassin who was proficient in both sneaking AND fighting
* A traveling merchant told me of a warrior clad in plated armour, who used 2 short swords in combat
* The legendary Endralean Keeper Loram Waterblade used both elemental magic as well as a sword
* The Wanderer reports of a light mage, who equipped himself with heavy plates
* The Wanderer reports of a mercenary who mastered both One-handed and Two-handed weapons
* The Wanderer reports of an archer who combined his knack with elemental magic
* The Wanderer talks about a warrior in armor which used Sinistra
* The Wanderer tells of a Nehrimnese fire-breather, who was combining archery with dirty tricks
* The Wanderer tells of an assasin who combined his work with Entropy and Psionics
The Biggest Egg Hunt Ever
The Brotherhood of the Kor
The Butcher Of Ark
The Dreary Field
The Ghost of the Bottle
The Sole Place
The Voice from the Water
Trails of the Past
Wanted in Ark!
Wanted in Riverville!

*) Patch-Notes : Wishing wells (NQ36): Many corrections and improvements

The Golden Sickle quests - not included yet. Please check updates/patch-notes

Ask at the Golden Sickle for work
A Foot In The Door
The Long Way To The Top
Errand Boy
The Shortcut
Trails in the Sand
The Last Stone
Scorpion and Lion

Little update from another thread :

Quick statement from dev-side (Nicolas Samuel) :

The Golden Sickle is finished and fully voiced both in English and in German (The English voice over is phenomenal, Dave Fennoy stars as a main character - for those of you who don't know him, he voiced Lee in the Walking Dead) and currently being tested again and again and again, simply because it's very non-linear (5 different endings) and thus very prone to bugs. It has about 5-10 hours of playing time.

The other guilds have not made it into the game, but we're considering developing a story DLC at the end of this year once the main game is less buggy. The Rhalâta (Cult in the Undercity) :)

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