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you had a point in saying shitty mods lead to empty forums
(and I took that as constructive criticism, even if I don't think that our forum has that problem)
Perhaps you are reading too much into things because I said nothing about "shitty mods" nor did I imply that the mods were the cause of my frustrations and observations. As I said, I run a website forum myownself. I don't expect mods to be anymore active or responsive than the general membership except in cases where disputes arise. Again, it bears repeating...forums are communities. If there is a problem with engagement (or indifference) it is as a result of the whole membership. ..although mods can be influential in that regard.

I'm sorry about that :/

we do our best to answer questions, for everyone.
Well, look through the thread lists and see how many unanswered questions there are...more than you would expect, I think. Like thanking people personally, it takes time to, at least, say something to the effect that "there is no clear answer." "Or I don't know." "Or here is a link that will answer your question..." Too bad there isn't an icon ...along the lines of the "like" icon...that automatically inputs some sort of similar response. I suspect it would get used a lot by some people.

To be fair, people who have taken the time to answer my questions have, for the most part been generous and often they do provide links ...but I can't count the number of times I've followed a link to the wiki only to find one sentence basically defining a character or skill but nothing on how to deal with the issue.

Maybe that's part of the reason I ask rather than rely on the wiki.

And just to be clear, I'm not criticizing the wiki per's a boon to even have one...or the people who contribute to it--they give what they can. But It is frustrating when one follows a link to find no better answer than none. In fact, if the truth be known...esp. in light of this incident...I'd rather, much rather, rely on the wiki (such as it is) than this forum, despite the generous people here.
of course you're welcome to ask.
more than welcome.
I don't believe that's true. Esp. in light of the approbation given by the mods to a blatantly personal attack--an attack that at its roots had/has no foundation, no basis in objective reality. But in this I agree with my attacker (and you)--"people are watching". It's very like what I said about "indifference" it's not about whether you intended it or's about perception--"people are watching."

I'm willing to let this go...but I doubt that my my level of trust has been restored nor my concerns have been taken seriously.

macht nichts.
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I do not write that in mod function (of course I was not always mod here but eventually agreed to help in my free time as best I can).

And believe me, I'm probably about your year with equally appropriate experiences :wink:

No mod has agreed to a personal attack! On the contrary.
Personal attacks are not publicly tolerated here.

If there are personal differences please clarify privately if desired and not public! This is what you want in every forum.
We are not here on Facebook but in the SureAI forum.
Mutual respect (even with different opinions!) Is one of them.

Personally, I criticize you for not wanting to criticize yourself (my personal impression).
Personally, I do not like to present a solution to members that they can find out with some time (I have to spend the same amount of time, although of course I remember something here or there or know more from experience).
Maybe your expectations for this forum are too high?

I'm not saying that any criticism of you is unjustified!

Technical problems are of course another topic. The officials have to take care of that (like me).

Even if you have the impression that you are a "persona non grata" here, I assure you you are wrong!
Every contribution and every question is still welcome!
The community is based on helping each other.

But I also want that this does not escalate further.
I think all the contributors to this topic have expressed their opinions.
As I said if there is further discussion please privately.

I do not speak fluent English so this answer cost me a lot of time. Error please forgive me.
Thus topic closed.
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