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Skills and armor/damage value

Verfasst: 11.02.2018 19:19
von Apples
I'm level 16 right now on my first playthrough of Enderal. I've just completed that trippy dream sequence, partied at the top of the tower, and I've been doing questing since.
So far in my playthrough, I've been using the armor set "The Well-traveled One." This armor set gives a bonus to my Light Armor skill. I've started finding more defensive equipment with a higher armor value, but without the extra skill bonus. I want to know how the damage calculation works between armor value and skill value so I can decide which armor I have is actually the best. If skill is more important than armor, then I'll keep this on until I find a new set that will give me better bonuses, If armor and skill are about equally important I want to start swapping to newer equipment.

Re: Skills and armor/damage value

Verfasst: 15.03.2018 16:39
von rjdriver
This might help, at least for the sets.