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quests not showing on map

Verfasst: 04.05.2017 03:05
von MacSuibhne
I brought this subject up before but it has gotten worse. I think I now have five maybe six quests that seem un-completable simply because i don't know where to begin or where to go.

I think I already mentioned the quest with the Ash Widow...

but I have no map markers for:

Fragments of the Past
Biggest Egghunt Ever
Myths and Legends
Lost hearts

Regarding Fragments of the Past I am currently on my way to meet Jesper at the Western Myrad tower. So i got Fragments several game plays ago.

Biggest EggHunt. Sure I saw the birds from the the eggs...but now where? No map marker.

I don't like this aspect of the game. At least give me a direction. I explore relentlessly...more time in exploring than following the main quest...or any quest for that matter. But I am convinced I am not going to run across ant clues to these quest anytime soon. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if I got to the end of the main quest...or the point where you get the warning that henceforth all unfinished side quests will no longer be available...and still have no idea how to complete those quests.

I don't know if there is an answer to this dilemma but if there is I'd like to hear it. I

Re: quests not showing on map  [solved]

Verfasst: 04.05.2017 08:56
von urst
Enderal isn't Skyrim. most "important" quests do have markers, or a least clear instructions;
"Myths and Legends" and "Lost hearts" are more or less...quests, which will run on the side

Biggest Egghunt Ever
read your journal - you should have descriptions about the other places.
(check the names of the myriad towers.) there are no questmarkers.

Myths and Legends
there are books about those, read them :D
(you'll still have to search a good deal) (here be spoilers, if you really want them)
there are no questmarkers.

Lost hearts
yeah, this one is pure luck.
here be spoilers,if you really want them
(including the solutions, beware)there are no questmarkers.

Fragments of the Past
as you said, you are on your way to Jespar.
so right now, you know what you're supposed to do.
and you will continue to know in the future :)

hope that helps a bit :)