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I was about to take the oath as a keeper when I got a notification that a quest concerning Jesper was going to be "terminated / failed."

So I backed out and went to the tavern to meet him. Turns out there was nothing further associated with him--he was leaving.

So...was I supposed to beg him to stay? I got the feeling there was something else going on there but I don't play for that team and didn't pursue it. Was that the only purpose? Does the questline end there?
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When exactly did you get the notification and when did you back out of the quest?
And what did Jespar say?
A savegame before becomming a keeper would be helpful.
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The quest-line warns you at the point of no return.

Unless your going for the romance option I would not worry about it, plus I have no idea how those are triggered anyways.
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