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Cannot Locate EnderalInstall.gz

Verfasst: 19.01.2019 22:32
von xSpice
I Recently downloaded Enderal. I opened up the file with WinRAR and pasted the files within my Skyrim directory. I also placed my Enderal Launcher within the directory aswell. But, I seem to be missing a file, as I cannot get past the second step, which is actually installing Enderal. Any support in locating this file would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Cannot Locate EnderalInstall.gz  [solved]

Verfasst: 19.01.2019 23:14
von stuemper
Why did you unzip the file by yourself? This is not needed and will end up in corrupting the installation.

Uninstall Skyrim, reinstall it and then follow the given installation instruction. There is also a link to an installation tutorial video in my signature.

Regarding the second screenshot: You've just unzipped the file that the launcher needs to process. So, as I said above, reinstall it completely.