Playing Videos in borderless mode + long load screens fix

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So I saw somewhere was offered solution to the problem where videos wasnt played properly and that was to disable windowned mode.

but I have other workaround which also fixed my long loadscreens issue with skyrim (I used memory patches of all sorts and even tried safetyload SKSE plugin but it was no matter - the game was idling 90% time of loadscreens and that was way longer than it should be).

So I have this issue on Win8.1, but not on Win7. And once I found that if I set TESV.exe to work in compatibilty mode for Windows 7 and as administrator it solves both of problems - glitchy intro videos AND long loadscreens. I set skse loader to run as administrator as well, just in case.

I made this topic in hope that someone will put this info in good use. Sorry for my bad English.

also here is my mod to fix ghost summons
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Thanks for the hint! I'll keep it in mind.
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