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new map, watercolour

Verfasst: 03.07.2018 07:16
von urst
a new, new map :)

without Ark, but crammed with other stuff.
not drawn in Enderal, but in Treomar, just as the (german) Worldmap

[+] fullsized map

it's greyer/darker ingame, not much to be done about that
without making it look odd. :(

[+] ingame
rename the file in Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\textures\map
and extract the download to that folder.
done :)
it's just a texture, it really shouldn't break your game ;)

there's another papermap over at there

Re: new map, watercolour

Verfasst: 09.07.2018 22:04
von urst
use with Rocko's "Color Normalization"
more about that here