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coopermon hat geschrieben:
Would like to know if cbbe and other body mods work ok.
Also the armour mods with them.
I never used that mods so I don't know, but I would wait for someone to port that mods to Enderal, because it has lots of new armors and cbbe simply doesn't have the files to "convert" that armors too.
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Press (P) to open your magic menu, select "Meditation" and use it (Y) to leave the "Mindworld".
Thanks. Before I saw your answer I just started trying every key and when I tried "Z" I left the Mindworld.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS by a non-German speaker, after about 6 hours of playing.
1. It is difficult, more so than Nehrim I think. Especially regarding sleeping, potions and fever.
2. It is, at least at the beginning, typical SureAI diabolical! :wink:
3. The shadows are really good. So are the water effects, especially the waterfalls.
4. Glad to see again there are magic symbols to collect.
5. No problems with the installation even having to do it in German; very smooth and seamless, Hallelujah! The big data file downloaded much faster (45 minutes vs. a predicted 45 hours) when I tried when it was past midnight in Germany. When I first tried to download earlier on July 3 (about 7 PM German time), I saw that there had already been 33,000+ downloads from just one mirror site! WOW! Looks like a real winner!

QUESTION: When the English version is available, will I have to download & install the entire data file again, or will there just be a smaller file like English .esm or something?
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Sancez hat geschrieben:

- Equipping Overhaul allows you to show all your favorited weapons on your character.
How did you get equipping overhaul to work?
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I can confirm that Opulent Mages does NOT work with Enderal (
Caused crash to desktop with any savegame file after Riverville. I used the standalone pack, and even after deleting the NPC that the mod adds/alters (from Skyrim), it caused crashes
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