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Okay. I am a beginner. So I've done the basics with the Construction Set such as new NPCs, new quests, new interiors. So I am aware of basic features. I've even created a new World Space before and done some basic editing. Even followed tutorials for very basic scripts too.

But however, I feel my way of creating and designing "World Spaces" is not professional. I wonder if there is a "paint" like feature where I could -pre draw an island, and then edit the World Space afterwards. Such a feature, for example, exists for Minecraft called

What I am after is a decent sized island for some different settlements and villages, as well as some cities, some caves and dungeons. But I would hate to start a World Space only to have to redo things if I find a better way. I also know that Oblivion has pre-generated hills. Whilst I understand hand made World Spaces are best, I am curious about this. I am also curious about "borders" and stopping generation beyond a point. Perhaps, a fixed size world.

So basically, for a beginner, to make a World Space. What should I do? Any tips or advice or things you recommend?

Furthermore, I hate Nav Meshing. I know there is auto generating nav mesh for interiors, does such a feature exist for World Spaces? How good/affective would this be also?

How would I implement a fixed border? Or a water map, then draw the island. I doubt this forum will be active enough, but I thought I would make a post.
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