Will Enderal Affect My Skyrim Game and its Mods?

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Hello! I discovered Enderal on the Skyrim Nexus Mod Manager website. I am very impressed and interested in Enderal, but I am unclear about a few things.
Does this program replace my Skyrim game? Or is it a separate game? What I mean is, can I play both, or will downloading Enderal mean that I cannot play Skyrim until I remove the Enderal files? I love Skyrim very much and am unwilling to sacrifice the original game in order to add another.
Also, I have 40-50 mods for the Skyrim game. Will downloading Enderal alter them? What will happen if I delete Enderal and return to my normal Skyrim game? Will my mods still be in place?
Finally, I see that there are many mods for Enderal. Will these conflict with my Skyrim game mods?

I know my questions will most likely seem stupid and you have most likely answered them somewhere else and I did not understand them. I have only been playing video games for under a year, and I have only attempted modding them for a month, so my knowledge is very limited, although I am learning a lot. Please be patient.

P.S. Do you have a funding link that I could share on social media? I think your team and these projects are admirable and I would like to support, but right now my biggest way to help is by raising awareness and funds through social media.

Thank you for your time.
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By default, Skyrim is backed up and then Enderal is installed.
After a proper uninstall, Skyrim will be restored.
A parralele operation is not provided.
Skyrim Mods are mostly incompatible with Enderal and vice versa.
Likewise, older mods for Enderal are not always compatible.
We therefore recommend to use no mods or only individually tested.

Alternatively, there is a tool on SkyrimNexus that allows a parral operation with some knowledge about computers.
Attention, this is only for experienced users.
A German description is available here.
But there is no official support for it.
Use of this tool is at your own risk.

A backup of your game-directory / installation-folder is before recommended
and by default, the following folders, e.g. under Windows 7:
C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

sorry, english is not my language
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I recommend you read this detailed guide.
And for donations you can look here.
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