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My items disappeared...

Verfasst: 14.09.2019 00:59
von bout
I was told I can have the house in Ion Monastery. I assumed it is a secure location, so I put all my items on the bed, came back later to pick them up and move to Stormwend but they were gone. Can I get them back with commands? Among the items I lost were Commander's Claymore, Hunter's Sword (found on a body near some river or stream) and a glove that drained strength but gave you magical resistances.

Re: My items disappeared...

Verfasst: 16.09.2019 18:12
von badgesareus
The only safe storage places in Arktwend are in chests identified with a blue candle. Putting items on a bed is not safe storage. I don't know if you could spawn the items with console commands, but I suspect they are all in German.

Re: My items disappeared...

Verfasst: 12.10.2019 16:13
von Stefanie
To get items by console, we would need an accurate list of lost items. (For example, from an earlier save?)
I could probably pick out the necessary commands.
But remember that this is a cheat then.