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I'm trying to install the English Version of Arktwend, but for whatever reason, every time I start the game, instead of taking me to the Main Menu, I'm instantly spawned in the World in a different place than the actual starting location

For context, I installed the mod under This PC/SSD (C:)/Program Files (86x)/ Bethesda Softworks/Arktwend
And I already had an installation of Morrowind under This PC/SSD (C:)/Program Files (86x)/ Bethesda Softworks/Morrowind
I installed Morrowind using the Disc from the Elder Scrolls Anthology, earlier I had attempted to use the GOTY Version on Steam, but that just wasn't working for me so idk what to do

If anybody knows what I'm supposed to do, please let me know because I'm stumped o_O
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Hello JaydenTheMemeThief
I have never tested the Engkish version of Arktwend, so I can't tell you much about that version.

The Steam version of Morrowind is not the best option, as problems tend to crop up here.

But you also have the DVD version! is that also a version with the DLC's? (important)
Therefore I do not know how you installed, a brief guide:
- Install Morrowind,
- make a copy of the installation and rename it to Arktwend,
- there install Arktwend, version 2.0.0 and then version3.2
- activate ONLY Arktwend_English.esm in the MorrowindLauncher !
(deactivate everything else > Morrowind.esm, the DLC's, and the Akrtwend 2.0.0)
Then start without the Enhanced.exe, but directly the Morrowind Launcher.exe.

I hope this is enough and wish you good luck.

PS: Morrowind mods will not work!
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Thank you Stefanie, I think I might know what I did wrong now, I created a New Folder, named it Arktwend and then copied the files in Morrowind into it, idk if copying the Morrowind installation changes anything but it probably does : P

Edit: Nope, didn't work, maybe it's because I overwrite things when I install the English Version?

Another Edit: I have no idea what I'm doing : | so I'm just gonna play Nehrim for a while, if anybody knows what I'm doing wrong please tell me ._.
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A bit late but if you/anyone want to know.
The best thing to do afaik is to :
Install Morrowind
Rename the MW folder into Arktwend
Install the german 2.0 version into the folder
Install the english 3.2 version over that
And then the overehaul if you want.
That worked for me.
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With Mod Organizer 2, here's how to do it( and how I did it), in case someone from the future wants this:

1) Create 2 new mod folders called something like "morrowind-esm" and "morrowind-data". Move Morrowind.esm, tribunal.esm and bloodmoon.esm into the morrowind-esm mod folder, and all other data(including the .bsa's) into morrowind-data(leaving the actual core morrowind-install folder's data files folder empty!).

2) Create an mod folder for Arktwend.
3) Create an MO2 profile for arktwend, make sure you check user profile-specific save games and user profile-specific game INI Files. Arktwend uses it's own custom ini, this is important(or you'll not be able to switch between arktwend and morrowind installs\profiles).
4) Install Artkwend to a dummy location(like d:\arktwend).

5) Move everything except the esm\esp files from the d:\arktwend\data files\ folder, into your Arktwend mod folder(in MO2\Mods folder).
6) Download and install the Arktwend English Version from nexus(like you'd install any other mod). Everything inside Data Files folder becomes the Arktwend English mod(and the only .esm used), morrowind.ini should be moved into your Arktwend MO2 profile.
7) Repeat step 6 for TAO and Artkwend English Cutscenes.

That should leave you with a load order like this:

When you have Morrowind-data, Arktwend, Arktwend - Eng, Arktwend - TAO and Arktwend English Cutscenes mods activated.

When wanting to play Morrowind, you'd leave morrowind-data, and Morrowind-esm active(+ whatever other mods).

Example image:
[+] example images
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