Saves cannot be seen and loaded in game

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When entering a house called Seat of Count Andamantar, Moritan's House, Obermagistrat a message popped up (attached picture).

I clicked on Nein expecting the game to crash (and it did) but I hoped that after restarting the game, everything would be fine. But after restarting the game I couldn't see any of my saves when trying to load them even though in Data Files I could see them all.

I tried deleting some of my old saves but it didn't help. I also tried to start a new game to see if it'd happen again and it did, that's how I got the picture. I know I could start the game over and pick Ja but I really don't want to lose my progress.

I'm adding my two most recent saves (quicksave is more recent of the two), hopefully it'll help. If any more data is needed, I'll gladly send it but this is all I can think of at the moment. Thanks in advance to anyone who'll try to help me.
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Hello Calla
unfortunately I can't load your savegames because they don't show up in the list, in the German version there are no bugs in the house mentioned (Andamantar, Moritan's House). A test installation from Moddb gives me various display errors right at the beginning.

We can't give support for the English version either, because we didn't create it and none of us has ever played it. The English version was created by one of the community, as with all mods, only the respective creators can give support, if at all.

You might be able to solve the problem with Yes to all or a clean installation (backup the save and delete the game folder first), but I don't know what's another wrong.
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