Missing journal update. Can' t do the main quest in Dranass

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When Caleris command the my PC to hunt some wolwes the journal does not get the required update and the quest don't start.
Caleris instantly forgets that I accepted the mission just like my problem in Arktwend.

Edit: I noticed something in the log regarding this.
There are other errors but this part looks most relevant.
[01:02:05.064 I] Warning: hq_2_script line 4, column 19 ("hq1_wolf"): Extra argument
[01:02:05.064 I] Warning: hq_2_script line 6, column 20 ("hq1_wolf"): Extra argument
[01:02:05.064 I] Warning: reh_flee line 3, column 15 ("0.4"): Parsing a non-variable string as a number: 0.4
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