Myar Aranath & getting German entries to update to English

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I have just finished going through the Myar Aranath journal in TESC3 and translated everything that was still in German into English, then made a new mod out of the translation. New entries show up in English, but two entries that had already been entered into my journal remain in German. Is there a way to force the Journal to update existing entries to the new (English) text?
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Once again, Allana may not be interested in this anymore after eight years, but anyway...

I remember that the first entries in the journal are made by a script. Thus, the german texts for these entries are in that script, not in the journal area accessible with the TES III Construction Set. I once tried to change that, but failed. Somehow, I am unable to get changed scripts to work with "Myar Aranath".

Another place where a script may still use text in German is in the Tersulen forest. A certain action there might trigger an on-screen message like "Tretet ein, Volstrecker!" ("Come in, executor!"). However, the quest connected to this message is unfinished anyway, so... -shrug-
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