Amazing game!

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Wow, I started playing a couple of days ago and haven't made it very far yet, but I can totally see that Enderal is really amazing. The story is interesting, the stories of sidequests are great. Even the lorebooks/npc conversations around the world have interesting stories and make some good points about life in general.

Then there's the great environment, background music, ambient crowd noises in bars/marketplaces which really make you feel like you're there. Everything's way more immersive than in original Skyrim. I especially like how Ark's Undercity really feels like a true sh!thole with a dark atmosphere.

Not to mention the gameplay/skill system/levelling are balanced, which was a big issue in Skyrim. And I like that food and sleep are actually useful features here.

My only problems are that the game crashes from time to time and my framerate drops in some places despite having a pretty powerful PC. Worst place I've seen so far was Ark's Library, where my FPS went from like 60 to 35. Also I can't place custom markers on the map.

But it's still a damn great game!
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Hello and welcome to the Forum! :)

Thank you for your feedback!

In regards to the issues you mentioned: Custom markers are sadly incompatible / impossible with a paper map, so although the option is still there as in a standard Skyrim map, it will not work. As for crashes and FPS drops - the FS DLC that will be released on Steam will have an inbuilt stability fix called ENBoost - nothing is stopping from you from giving it a go yourself. (A word of warning - ENBoost does not like other overlays and software like MSI Afterburner, Steam Overlay, etc.)

Please keep in mind that the saves from your current playthrough will not be compatible with the Steam release - they will cause unfixable bugs that will break your game. Even if you have not come far. There will be many changes - big and small - that will affect Enderal on so many levels that an old save simply won't account for.
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