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Hi guys !

First, I'm sorry but i really don't know where is the " issue topic ", I'm new around here so..

The problem is, I have big audio issues. No prob with the music still playing after fighting or what, but the sound is constantly sizzling, no matter I use headphones or whatever. Any idea about that ?
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hi, welcome to the forum!

if you tell us which game you're having problems with (probably Enderal?) we'll move your thread in the corresponding sub-forum :)

a general sizzling sounds like a hardware "issue". did you try to adjust the speaker's plug?
(assuming you connect the headphones to the speaker)

does sound outside of this game work?
if so, please let Steam verify your game files.
(if you're playing Nehrim switch to Oblivion first!)

if it doesn't it might be something driver related, reinstalling those might work.
otherwise it could be an issue with the speakers or even the soundchip (probably Realtek?).
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