workaround: pop up message "Diese Wand sieht brüchig aus…"

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workaround: How to fix the problem:
The blinking message "Diese Wand sieht brüchig aus…" (This wall looks fragile) pops up everytime if your character has a train of thought. This message is haunting your character since Alt Aherath (Old-Sherath).

This is a workaround done by a community member (credits to exxo). So it’s not official.
Important: This workaround does not take care of connections (bruteforcing method). It could destroy following scripts. So be warned and copy your saves into a backup folder. Do not overwrite your edited savegames!

original post by exxo (in german)

the required tool: TESV ESS Files Editor ( )

How to:
1. start the program
2. click "open"
3. choose the corrupted savegame form your savegame folder (documents\my games\skyrim\saves)
4. there should be a list of all the data your savegame includes
5. open the shortcut "Global data table 2"
6. open the next shortcut "Interface" (third one in Global data table 2)
7. click on data and search on the right side for the following text "… AltSherath!. Hm… Die Wand sieht br.chig aus…"
8. mark the text passage as in the picture and delete it
9. click on "save" in the upper right corner and save it as normal new savegame


"thoughts" should be triggered correctly

Savegames in which you did not enter the dungeon "Alt-Sherath" before the patch (german release version) should not be effected at all.
Any questions or critic (orthographic, grammar, spelling..)? Please message me or write it down in the comment section.

Best wishes,
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Thank you very much for this information. I cleaned a save file and tested it. Everything was fine. But then I did a quick save F5 and quick load F9, and the problem was back again. So I cleaned another save, and I deleted the quicksave (and the autosaves, just to be sure), and now it seems the problem is fixed, at least for 4 hours I played, using F5 & F9 several times with no problem. I'm so happy you and others found a workaround solution!
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