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Re: Enderal

Verfasst: 07.06.2015 23:31
von Hazzmat
It doesn't seem like you're from the USA but okay.

If we're lucky Enderal will be released later this year.

Re: Enderal

Verfasst: 17.07.2015 13:36
von Redanxela
Hi Niklas,
if you're from Germany I wonder why you have not asked your question in the German forum? I mean, you seem to struggle a bit in English. No offense, but it felt just weird to me to link to German website when you're writing in English.

To answer your question: there is no release date yet, but SureAI aims to release Enderal this year. Right now there is an application for the closed alpha you could apply to, but good German is mandatory to participate as the alpha won't offer an English translation.