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Greetings SureAI, may I have a through homemade ESRB-style rating of Enderal please? (Or direct me towards a already existing one) I want to determine whether or not I will want to play the game, before I get it. (In advance, I am sorry if this is insulting to your game design ethics, this was not the purpose, I just watched a certain trailer for a certain game and it has given me some paranoia.)
Nicolas Samuel
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Hey Zak,

interesting request. What exactly are concerned about?
There's partially harsh language and - of course - violence, but on the same level as in Skyrim. I guess the biggest difference between Enderal and Skyrim some of the themes the story/stories deal with explicit/mature themes. Plus, there's sexual content, but - apart from a kiss - it is not depicted.

Does that answer your question? :)
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