A plea, and a thanks.

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Nehrim was not a game for me. Not a bit. At first, it seemed like an enormous world, Oblivion like, and I was ready to do some dungeon crawl in logic-less dungeons filled with generic enemies. Why, at first I thought Nehrim was a simple mod for Oblivion.

I did not know how wrong I was.

It took me the destruction of the Sanctum. The leaders of my organization killed. A hated face turning into a well-present enemy. I just realized how different the world got, and how lost I was when I crawled out of the sewers to find the beautiful countryside of the Middlerealm in front of me. That shocked me, the feeling of being alone, lost, knowing that you alone escaped that massacre.

Yet there was another reduct. Another place for me to rest my hide. To find companions, and procceed onto another path, different from the one I first engaged on. This time, I was in for the vengeance. The order was in for the vengeance. The gods were left to the side, and we turned to Barateon. We were safe there, hidden, and had the time to plan the Chancellor's downfall. Or so we thought.

I descended into the abandoned caverns just under the monastery. I was alone and lost again, but this time there was no beautiful landscape to give me hope. Only the stone, and the darkness. Countless times I looked up to the shafts of light, and I just wanted to climb onto them and escape from those terrible galeries. But I could not. And so I procceded through the passes, the Daromith ruins of old, thinking solely of how much had I lost. Again.

Anku. It was more for me than just a safe heaven. It was another world, something I could only dream of. In the end, I had found a way out. Then there was Cahbaet, and Taranor. Then, Narathzul, Callisto, and Kim. I was in peace again.

Then the Southrealm. Giving eyes back to the people blinded by their superiors, too afraid to look into the light and understand that the gods were no better than themselves. Then the clash of blood, might and magic. The bloodied courtyard, where Destiny pushed the light-born to darkness. The revelations, and even more blood on the Silver Plate, on which Narathzul once appeared. Had him only known.

Then Tyr. A choice. It went farther than just the life of the Creator. It went down to the people. The freedom of the people.

The Soul Flayer.

Sarantha. Fate.

The epic game. I had played incredible games before.

Yet, something in me was changed when I finished the credits. It would take a lot of time for me to recognize that Nehrim, with all her incredible characters and tragic story, had turned me into a different person. Somehow, I was not the same when I looked over at the Regent Tower. I saw the world with different eyes. And I know that I might not have another experience as incredible ever again.

I thank you. You, the SureAI team. Because you all have shown us how far can the passion take us. How dedication repays, and how incredible can the result be when you finish it with love.

I have, however, one plea to you. You, the SureAI team.
Don't stop loving what you do. Don't give up on the things that seem hopeless. Make Enderal an epic and tragic tale. Make it your pride.

Nehrim was not a game.
It was the way to another life.
It changed mine, after all.
And I hope it was as incredible to you as it was to me.

Thank you, SureAI.
Nicolas Samuel
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Wow, what a compliment. Even though I was not involved in the developement of Nehrim, I want to sincerely thank you for your words - Feedback like this really means a lot to us and keeps us going, through all the difficulties of pulling such a project through to the end. We will definitely try to make Enderal as epic and meaningful!

Nicolas :)
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That was really well written! Haven't read something like that on this forum yet.
Loneliness is I guess a big part of Nehrim's theme. Either you lose your friends or you are sent into some forsaken land to find something. For instance after you complete your objective in Treomar which is devoid of civilization you return to Callisto only to be cast into the abandoned home of the Star People. And at the end you are again alone and almost everyone you knew is dead. Nehrim truly has a tragic story. :lol:
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this is the enderal forum but I really did like nehrim as well. everyone goes on about project brazil and I have to say project brazil is good but in scope and ambition nothing beat sure AI. especially for getting shit done. I had long finished oblivion and was going to go mod morrowind when I found an article about nehrim coming out in english. the mod reviewer was super excited. I was impressed but i had lost my copy of oblivion so I bought one and played nehrim. it was the month before FNV came out. it was great I could not believe it was a mod. It was better than a lot of indie games. es scheint mir, dass die Deutschen wissen, wie man gute RPGs machen
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