Can I use Skyrim SE to run enderal instead of the 2011 skyrim?

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I just want to know if that's possible. I have some data I don't want to lose on the 2011 skyrim, and I have Skyrim SE, so I want to know if Enderal can run off of Skyrim SE.
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No, this ist not possible because the original Skyrim ist a 32 bit program and Skyrim SE ist a 64 bit program. They are two different games (also on Steam).
Enderal ist based on the original Skyrim 32 bit engine.
For an Enderal installation it is recommended to use a new "clean" Skyrim installation (without mods).
The Enderal launcher creates a backup of your Skyrim installation.
But from experience better create a backup of your Skyrim installation (including your former savegames).
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The main issue is that Enderal relies heavily on the full version of SKSE and SkyUI.

SkyrimSE does not yet have all the necessary support from those two mods/tools to run Enderal. If you search for "enderal skyrim special edition" you will see numerous discussions on the problems. While the majority of Enderal is accessible, there are some pretty big issues. See this video posted to the Nexus for some comments on the problems you will face... ... mods/7514/?
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