Magic malus?

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is there any magic malus wearing heavy armor? For when you begin journey, there is plenty of iron and chain armor founded.

I'm playing magic and and I'll love wearing chain, playing some kind of battlemage or something in this mood :)

keep the good job on! :thumbsup:
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On my 2nd play-through & no

But if you invest solely in enchanting & alchemy to 100 + a Potion of Apothecarius (standard) + wearing "hands of the wandering mage" (Enchanting skill by 9 points) set item.

By level 56 you can make Potions of Fortify Enchanting 31% + the 9 points from wandering set item.

Just need two of the following ingredients per potion.
:mana salt/holly berry
:mana salt/moon carrot pulp
:mana salt/claw
:mana salt/blue butterfly wing

And make 2 Items ring, necklace 50% fortify Magic school of choice (for 100% equiling zero mana cost) provided you have the grand soul gems to spend.

Basically making god items :shock: then you can wear any heavy armor set you want & forget about the magic bonuses that the light armor sets have.

You can also spend zero on magic books & learning points and still cast any spells for free provided you made 2/50% items of that school, since skills don't boost magic damage at all, just the cost.

This frees up your character too put those points into other non magic skills if you want.

The major downside is that it takes 56 levels to accomplish this & multiple (up to 5 sets) of rings & necklaces.
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