Crafting aeterna gear

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Any idea why I am not given the option to craft Aeterna armor? I have the blueprints for Aeterna Boots, Helmet and Gloves (all listed as level 50), I have a handicraft level of 61, but when I use a forge/anvil, these pieces are not even listed. I can craft Aeterna greatsword and Warhammer, but no armor. I've tried the leather rack (just in case), but they are not listed there either.

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That's odd. I just gave it a try to see if there might have been some glitch after the last updates, and I am able to craft Aeterna armor at a tanning rack. And as you said, crafting Aeterna weapons at the forge.
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Yes, the tanning rack is where you make Aeterna armor. Perhaps your game is bugged. Try the rack in Ergboths Leather Goods store in the Ark Marketplace. If you have the blueprints they should show on the list when you engage the tanning rack. Of course, if you don't have all the needed components they will be barely visible. Aeterna armor requires an extensive list of parts to craft, some costly and some rare.
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