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State of the game question

Verfasst: 12.11.2016 10:38
von raycrios
First of all I would like to thank SureAI team for amazing work!

I've noticed that the last patch was released almost 2 months ago and the bugtracker contains almost thousand reports... Of course most of them are duplicate or not a bug or not a critical bugs... But still I wonder: is the current version the last one and is it safe to play it without risking getting stuck due to some gamebreaking bug?

Re: State of the game question

Verfasst: 12.11.2016 13:53
von MarvinKp

first of all bugfixing is not done yet, there is still a really big patch coming up, with a lot of fixes. You might wait for that one :)
However currently Enderal is in a "playable" state. There are still a lot of bugs but most of them can be fixed by save and reload or by reloading an earlier save.

I would recommend you to save very often and not only with quicksaves ;)

Re: State of the game question

Verfasst: 13.11.2016 20:59
von irmi
It's definitely 'playable'. I finished my first playthrough (in German, took me around 90h to get to the final scene) a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't had a real gamebreaker. Some stuff was annoying (I had quite a lot of crashes before one of the patches, don't remember which one it was, though), other things are minor, like floating flowers and things like that. I remember that I had to reload three or four times during quests because it was stuck, but to be honest, that happened with Skyrim, as well. So yeah, do play the game if you're as impatient as me! But heed Marvin's advice and save often ;).

I finally started my 2nd playthrough today, in English this time (awesome voice acting, awesome music, awesome landscapes, awesome everything!). I just made it to Riverville. Took me about 3h, and no crash so far :).

Re: State of the game question

Verfasst: 14.11.2016 18:21
von raycrios
Awesome thanks for info guys!
Waiting for a big patch then sounds like a good plan. Will definitely donate as Enderal is among best RPG experience that I had since last couple years so far. :thumbsup:

Re: State of the game question

Verfasst: 26.11.2016 16:26
von raycrios
Oh great! New patches are out!
Donated $10 please keep up the good work! Enjoying Enderal even more than Skyrim!