[FAQ] More Than 1 Special Class?

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Hi everyone,

Am still exploring and at L-59 can pretty much wander around with impunity as long as am careful.

So... Dumped dozens of unused MPs into one handed. (Now I can decapitate occasional bandit. Yuck.)

Pressed "H" and now game says I'm not "Well Traveled One" anymore, but "Trickster / Bladesman." (Perks / Bonuses still there.)

So... If I'd invested them into 'Sinistrope' or whatever required or "Arcane Archer" would that unlock second special class?


Edit 01:

Am talking to myself or answering own question? Maybe not a good sign. :dumb:

If anyone interested tho...

Looks like game will 'correct' itself if more MP put into another 'tree.'


"You can keep abilities with Trickster / Bladesman or change to Well-traveled One"

[Keep Current Class] [Accept New Class] [Keep Current & Do not show again]

So >1 class not possible. Changing from "Well-traveled One" to "Arcane Archer" isn't showing. yet. ; )
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i think there's a little bit of an overview of the classes in the enderal wiki (iirc), basically you just need to put 10 individual points in the right ability sets to get the advanced classes.
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