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[Lore] Origins of Sun Born?

Verfasst: 02.10.2016 21:40
von BigElectricCat
Hi Everyone,

If been asked before, please redirect.

Sun Born race looks like Fore-sworn and are tough fighters when there's a bunch of them.

Haven't come across any books about them but have mainly been exploring.

Is there a story or explanation behind them?

Where did they come from?

Obviously they aren't part of Enderal's "Holy Order" civilization.


Re: [Lore] Origins of Sun Born?

Verfasst: 03.10.2016 03:59
von badgesareus
They are Skaraggs I would presume, since they all wear Skaragg armor. For some background, read "Account of an Unknown Traveler." Vol 1 & 2 are in English, but I don't think vol. 3 has been translated yet. as to what they are doing in Enderal, I guess they were brought there by the guy who tried to build a new city there -- sorry, I don't recall the name or the specifics of that story.

Re: [Lore] Origins of Sun Born?

Verfasst: 03.10.2016 04:19
von Nicolas Samuel
Actually, they are victims of the Sunfire, which devastated Thalgard. There was meant to be a Black Stone quest around it, but it got cut. :(