[Wish/Critique] Unarmed Combat Playstyle

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I would've personally loved to see an implementation of Unarmed or Hand to Hand combat (whichever you prefer) since the original Skyrim game failed to do so aside from one skill and was disappointed that there's none here from what i've played so far.

I would love to see it being implemented here especially in this type of setting. I've made my own Unarmed Combat mod for Skyrim and I tried to make it as balanced and unique play style as possible. For reference: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/66336/?

If you want suggestions, I would say you can just simply add it to the current class paths. I'll give some basic examples.

Basic: Increases damage from Unarmed attacks based on your Light Armor Glove's armor rating and attack 30% faster.
Advanced: 50% chance to stagger when attacking opponents while they're in middle of their power attack animation and 20% chance to stagger when you attack while crouched.

Basic: Increases damage from Unarmed attacks based on your Heavy Armor Glove's armor rating and you attack 10% faster.
Advanced: 20% chance to knock opponents down while power attacking or attack while crouched. Power attacks deals 30% more damage.

Basic: Unarmed attacks deals additional damage as elemental damage of your choosing and you attack 20% faster.
Advanced: Unarmed attacks has a chance to afflict status ailments or have additional effects based on your discipline.

Now of course there will be needing additional spells to compliment Unarmed Mage playstyle. If this game can be edited through creation kit then I might even have a go at it myself.
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This would be easier with the way Morrowind worked in terms of hitting stuff. The way MW worked you could get your skills high enough and nobody could hit you like you were dodging. When they changed it to how it is now where you will always land some kind of blow if your weapon model hits them it would be tough. There would have to be some kind of stat to completely negate all damage a certain percent of the time tied to speed or agility to simulate your guy bobbing and weaving. I like the idea, but with the way it works now I don't think it would work so well.

I tried to make an unarmed guy in Oblivion, it worked for a while pretty good but eventually it got to the point where it was taking too long to kill people if I managed to avoid getting killed myself.
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A very interesting idea! We don't have the time to implement it ourselves, but you could have a shot at it, because yes, Enderal can be modded with the CK. I would definitely play it!
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