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Enderal Wiki- join us!

Verfasst: 26.08.2016 18:03
von kassandra
Hello everybody!

So here I am again, this time trying to encourage more people to contribute to Enderal Wiki :)
You all know must be familiar with the which is really immense and thorough now, and it's mainly thanks to joint efforts of random people (and their tremendous help) who wanted to show their appreciation to the SureAI for creating such a game for free by creating this invaluable source of information accessible for all players of Nehrim.

What I want to say that I'd really be grateful if you could contribute to the Wiki which is on the official SuraAI page here:
I know that it might be a bit difficult at first and you might feel inexperienced when you go into 'edit' part (I guess Wikia's more user-friendly here) as everything is in the source mode. Believe me, I am no programmer either ;) When Nehrim Wiki was created we didn't consult the matter with the SureAI team and Nehrim Wiki started to expand uncontrollably. But this time the matter is consulted and I believe it's fair to focus on the Wikia and the tools that the SureAI provide us with.

Enderal Wiki in English has recently been started. We need everyone :) Every small contribution is really valuble to every player who starts their adventure with Enderal. By helping to expand the Wiki it becomes more accessible and playable to other players- you must know the feeling of frustration when you get stuck in one quest.
Modders, proof-readers, natives to correct some 'strange' collocations, photo-uploaders, or simply... players, who enjoy the game. It doesn't matter if you're not a native English, I'm not one either. And don't be afraid to consult us even on the smallest matter.

If you have any probles with editing or don't know how to start or what to do- you can write here in this topic and we'll do our best to help you!
Hope to see you on Wiki!

Re: Enderal Wiki- join us!

Verfasst: 27.08.2016 01:00
von yourdadhasadeepvoice
I might add to it I don't know much about anything yet but once I do I might contribute to it.

Re: Enderal Wiki- join us!

Verfasst: 29.08.2016 08:20
von kassandra
Thank you :) If you have any question, we will try to help you in any way we can :)

I have a suggestion/request to Wiki admins- could it be possible to make the page about side quest more organized and consistent?

What I mean, we have Sun Coast quest and Riverville quest in different section. But Riverville is a part of the Sun Coast, right? Maybe Riverville a sub-section of the Sun Coast? I think it was pretty well organized here
And maybe we should add something like Word Quest? Strange Horizons and Butcher of Ark seem to be Word Quest?

What do you think, guys?

Re: Enderal Wiki- join us!

Verfasst: 29.08.2016 10:06
von stuemper
Hi kassandra,
that's absolutly right. We should communicate better because otherwise we will loose the overview!

There is a community portal, which is perfect to have those kind of discussions. But it's empty right now. Feel free to take the first step :)

Edit: You can also find the Community Portal in the navigation list in the wiki.

Re: Enderal Wiki- join us!

Verfasst: 29.08.2016 13:03
von J'Sylvan
I was part of some of the initial wiki content ... mainly the Character Progression and Talents and Memories pages ... but I agree with you guys about communicating amongst ourselves to help keep everyone on the same page when it comes to adding content.

I am also the one who's been working on the interactive map (hosted on an external site ... not the wiki). I spent a couple of weeks in conversations with Nic and Andre about where everything should go as far as the regions of Enderal and regional boundaries, so I'm pretty confident in the list of regions and updated them on the Places page. There are, however, some discrepancies in the descriptions and text of some of the 'subregions' and other places that I think need to be reviewed. (They were probably put up before the list of regions was.)

So ... where can we go to coordinate our efforts to update the wiki? Just use this thread and keep adding to it? Or is there a better place to discuss things?

Re: Enderal Wiki- join us!

Verfasst: 29.08.2016 13:04
von J'Sylvan
Duh ... I guess I should work on my reading skills. The Community Portal that Tilliboy mentions sounds like the perfect place to have those discussions.

Re: Enderal Wiki- join us!

Verfasst: 14.09.2016 07:28
von Dark Lord
I would really like to help you edit the wiki, but am unable to. The problem is that I can't confirm my e-mail address, as I haven't received any confirmation mail since my registry yesterday. Not even in my spam folder.
I tried this on two mail addresses, but still no confirmation mail in sight.

Re: Enderal Wiki- join us!

Verfasst: 14.09.2016 12:26
von ninjamelody
Hey, this is a great idea of how to show appreciation of the developers! I will surely join, I finished the game, and there are only 2-3 quests left to be reloaded and finish up later on. But before I forget all the information I will join as wikia contributor!

Re: Enderal Wiki- join us!

Verfasst: 24.09.2016 18:28
von Lordoftheapes79
I tend not to edit wikis on my first playthroughs, but I'm just about done (level 70+ lol) and would like to play through again with a different build and I'll put some time into the wiki.

Re: Enderal Wiki- join us!

Verfasst: 18.10.2016 07:17
von kassandra
Thanks guys!
I myself started adding some photos and a bit of content to the MQ. I guess I need a lot of help here- some pages are with photos, but a lot of content is missing. Would be great if anyone could add more info there, even about some bugs- the ones I had to deal with are listed in notes :)