One year later, no Forgotten Stories DLC?

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It has been a year since the announcement of the Forgotten Stories DLC for Enderal. That is one year I have not played the game. I won't play it until this DLC comes out because it has been addressed before that a new game has to be started to get the full experience of the DLC. I would love to play Enderal again. I do understand the idea of the software life cycle and crunch time, believe me I know, but instead of reading about the bug fixes and updates on the news page I would like to see something a bit more elaborate. What is the state of the DLC thus far? Is the project being held back another year? What's going on? Is the game still in unit testing? Is there a Beta release? These are the type of questions that would be solid at this point. Anything laid out to us would be awesome. I love your work , appreciate your creative collaborations, and hope to hear from the team about this update soon. Thanks in advance for your reply.
Enderal Team
Enderal Team
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the answer of a part of your questions is:

What's going on?->work in progress

bug fixes and updates-> Stümper/Till dont work on DLC content so he can fix the normal game and this is why you see updates/fixes.

Is there a Beta release?->I think its no "open" beta but we have some testers.
DLC release: I think not this year. Because the voiceacting is not finished / partial started.
Is the game still in unit testing? ->Yes

Sorry for the short answers :D.
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Thanks for the brief answers regardless. By the sounds of it, you guys seem to be still in bad shape then. Completed by Spring at least?
Enderal Team
Enderal Team
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It's finished when it's finished. And yes I work on FS, but not on the Quest Content of the DLC atm.

To expand on my and Bloodpain's reply: I do tons of stuff for the maingame, basically all the maingame fixes come from me with a few exceptions, like localization fixes and stuff that I have no idea about or bug fixes of external people.
The reasons for the ongoing patch support are:
1) Bugs need to be fixed in order to make Forgotten Stories work properly, i.e. the Crafting system needed to be fixed and reorganized/restructured (The major rebalance / readjustment and the adding of the "Phasmalist" - a class that relies on crafting/enchanting - will happen with Forgotten Stories). I could have fixed stuff only for FS, sure - but that wouldn't be fair towards the players, if we keep all the fixes in the Developer build. When we are able to fix something, then we should do it and patch it.
2) If noone is going to fix bugs of the maingame, we would just add more bugs with FS on top. And that wouldn't be pleasant to play - no matter how good the story/stories are written.
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Thank you all for your questions and answers. I have been patiently waiting since March for FS and will wait until it is finished. Happy to hear about the voice acting work - one of my favorite parts of Enderal. In the meantime, I am back to playing modded Skyrim (trying out some new replacer and immersion mods), keeping up with Elder Scrolls Legends and of course, checking in on dyslexicfaser's wonderful thread.
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If I were to play Enderal and ignore the main quest completely, would it be possible to load that save into the new upcoming DLC?
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Works probably (without warranty).
It makes sense?
because many new things would be lost,
e.g. the planned (possible) 3rd end or similar.
It is strongly recommended to start a new game for DLC.
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Lovely. I am just trying ways to play this game before the DLC comes out. By any chance has the furniture system been fixed because I can't seem place any furniture down. It's annoying. If not, will the DLC fix this issue?
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It's nice to know how things are going.

I have a couple of minor requests though:
Having the skse main menu saves loading feature from a couple of Skyrim mods as a default part of Enderal.
My other request is for a SureAI logo video for Enderal. :)
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LMAO - you been told "its finished when its finished" been waiting 6? maybe 7 years for Bethesda and they do not seem to be in any hurry still making $$ with that old game, shit my son I bought the game for was in his Senior yr of High School when it was released, has two Bachelors and is about to get his Masters so its been awhile Bethesda.

Would not mind beta testing the game myself :)
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